Freewheeling about Facebook news feeds

I’ve been very taken with what the people at School of Everything are doing, so much so I had to meet the people behind it; we had dinner together some weeks ago, and I’m convinced they’re really on to something. More on this later, or as they say Watch This Space.

How did I come across them? Through Seedcamp, which I heard about via Facebook, more particularly  as a result of things said on news feeds by Saul Klein and Sean Park, two people whose opinions I trust.

So where was I? Oh yes, meeting Mary Harrington and Paul Miller and Dougald Hine for dinner. One thing led to another, and Facebook relationships were established. As one does.

And that meant their antics now appeared on my news feed. Which is how I came across this video of the Long Johns, posted by Paul earlier today. A fine subprime cut indeed. Enjoy! And my thanks to Paul.

I think people underestimate the value of personalised news feeds of the Facebook variety; they are simple and effective tools to apply a form of collaborative filter on the torrents of information that flow by.

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  1. School of Everything reminds me a bit of the company that matches the mostly highly ranked (for this kind of work) home based call centre agent, with the company that needs this kind of campaign supported etc. And I believe that pretty much everyone gets the fact that how your “actions” appear in that fb mini-feed is central to how your social-presence is communicated, or for that matter, your business-cues are presented. How long before each “feed line” is click to call enabled? BTW: pity I didn’t get a chance to speak with you at Telco2.0, but I enjoyed your talk , as I did Norman’s .

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