To Laughter: My toast to all of you for 2008

2007 has been a good year for me. There is much I have learnt, much that I have enjoyed.

And one of the things I have enjoyed, and enjoyed tremendously at that, is discovering Randall Munroe, via my son.

If you haven’t done so already, start reading xkcd. Here’s an example:


If you have, but you didn’t know Randall wrote a blog, check this out.

And if you’ve done both already, but you’ve never seen Randall, then take a look at this video of him speaking at Google.

So goodbye 2007, the year I discovered Randall Munroe. And thank you Randall Munroe, for making me laugh, so often and so easily.

Laughter is good. Let’s all hope for more laughter in our lives in 2008.

One thought on “To Laughter: My toast to all of you for 2008”

  1. xkcd is my favorite comic strip since calvin & hobbes…

    (btw does this mean that Canada is the opposite of Second Life?)

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