Old Man’s River: Electra Glide in Blue

Okay, time to move slightly further afield than is usual, even for me.

Recommendation 4: (film)

Electra Glide in Blue. Great movie, great soundtrack, great style. Every now and then, a movie comes along, and the critics say “that one’s going straight to video”. Well, when I saw this film, my immediate reaction was ‘this one’s going straight to cult classic”.

Music fans shouldn’t be surprised. The firm was produced and directed by James William Guercio. Now why does that name appear familiar? Because it was he who produced Blood Sweat and Tears and Chicago. That will give you an idea of what the music is like, and what the pace of the film is, its atmosphere and ambience. Oh, and by the way, Pete Cetera and Terry Kath have roles in the film, as also Walter Parazaider and Lee Loughnane. What’s that make, 25% of Chicago, they were such a large band….

Electra Glide in Blue. A must-see if you like Chicago or even BS&T; if you like motorcycles; if you like good-cop-befriends-hippie plots; if you like your suspense seventies-style. Oddly enough, you should think about seeing it if you were a Hill Street Blues fan: Frank Furillo has the movie poster adorning his office wall.

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  1. I can’t read the words “Old Man(‘s) River” in reference to 60s/70s pop culture and not think about the tremendous version of that Gershwin song on Jeff Beck’s premier album, Truth. Rod the Mod on vox, JP Jones on organ, Micky Waller on drums, and Jeff gave Ronnie Wood the boot so he, himself, could play bass. Add a little Keith Moon on typmani, and you have a true classic.
    This, BTW, from a Gen-X style punk rocker with NO patience for jam bands. Per Melville: Genius round the world stands hand in hand, and one shock of recognition runs the whole circle round. Hope my tags render…

  2. You reminded me about the album, I hadn’t heard it for a while. No idea where my original is, it walked the walk sometime ago. So I ordered a replacement German remastered CD….thanks.

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