Peculiar emissions

In a conversation with Chris Locke, the subject of Google Sky came up. And so off I went. [Strange, the things one does when waiting for backups to complete].

When I got to Google Sky, the first thing I looked for was Arcturus. [Why? Because the story implied in its etymological origins intrigued me as a boy].

And what I saw was this:


I’ve played with Google Sky, but not very much. I can’t work out why this is happening. Does anyone out there know?

Incidentally, I owe a vote of thanks to Chris. He was the one who stepped in and bailed me out when this blog became mysteriously style-free and spam-magnetic.

2 thoughts on “Peculiar emissions”

  1. And Betelgeuse has slipped a disk, and Sirius has been hit by a pancake. I’d assume that in the original photos, the sensors overloaded. With differing results whether they were film (over-exposure) or electronics (possible wrap-round as well as over-exposure).

  2. re Arcturus, that’s exactly what it looked like last time I was there. It seems that 35 millennia of advanced advertising technologies have turned the entire system into one gigantic billboard.

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