School of Everything

I’m not a traditional company investor. Since 1987, the only stakes I’ve held have been in the companies I worked for, and they’ve been acquired while I worked for them. That’s been a Rule for me.

Rules, however, are proven by exception. And I’ve made an exception.

School of Everything.

Regular readers will know that I have a passion for education, in many forms and shapes. One of my goals in life has always been to set up a school, from scratch.

Those who have worked with me over the years will also know that I have a similar passion for start-ups, for “fresh blood” innovation. 

And, if you’ve been following this blog over the last year or so, you will have found it hard not to notice that I spend a lot of time looking at social networks and how they work.


It seems appropriate that the first exception I make to the Rule brings these strands together: a start-up, focused on education-with-a-difference, innovative in its style and outlook, discovered as a result of Facebook.

I met the founders many months ago, and they have a passion about them, an excitement about them, an excitement that bodes well for the future. They stand for many things I identify with, and I’m delighted to be able to be a small part of what they are doing. I wish them well, and hope that I can help be of some help to them.

You can read more about it here on TechCrunch, or here on the School of Everything blog.


3 thoughts on “School of Everything”

  1. In addition to the subject learning, on a global scale there is the cultural learning too that will seamlessly be transferred. I found this valuable when I did my MBA.

    Great idea. All the best!

  2. JP,

    Hope you have recovered completely now.This looks a great idea of connecting the student and teacher and enabling them to help each other. I could not figure out how it checks the credibility of someone who registers as a teacher .

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