The real A-Listers

If you’re eclectic in your reading of print media, it may have occurred to you that there are some people around, people who are quick to dismiss the blogosphere as an echo-chamber, full of shallow and superficial like-minded people who couldn’t write an accurate and in-depth story about anything to save their lives.

If that’s the kind of perception you have about the blogosphere, then go take a look at this site. Here’s an extract from today’s post:

“So these talks they’ve been having up until now, they were basically all just talking about the rules of the talks they might have if they ever get to actually talking about the talks we want them to be talking about?”

“Something like that”, I replied vaguely, deliberately avoiding a forensic description of exactly what was going on because I wasn’t sure I could provide one.

“So tell me”, my friend wickedly said, “When are they going to start talking about what everyone else is talking about, and that is the fact that there is no food in the shops anymore?”

The people who write blogs like the one above are the real A-listers. I found out about it via Thomas; he’s going up the Alps to do something about it. So give, and give generously, here.

7 thoughts on “The real A-Listers”

  1. JP

    That there is a comment – rather one ping-back before my comment – says something about how keen the blogosphere is on discussing serious issues. :-)

    Since so many bloggers are focused on traffic etc (why, I do not know but I guess that is how the soi-disant A-listers become A-listers, by traffic which has a higher chance of generating dialogue), they write stuff that is more popular and less depressing/ complicated/ makes-us-feel-like-plonkers…

  2. I’m just a blog, am I a blogger? I blog therefore I am in this interconnected world. Does it matter if anyone actually reads this? I hope this is not too depressing, it might cost readers. But are those the right readers? Some of the most depressing things also offer the best challenges.

  3. Brendan, I was being ironic about that particular sceptic’s comments on the techcrunch story. As you know I believe that we can achieve great things as a collective within the blogosphere.

  4. JP, I was being ironic also, or trying to be. Anyway my apologies for being a bit dark. Getting out of my foxhole is pretty hard in a world where I’m confronted daily, in not so pleasant ways, with the “old ways”. I think you’re doing a great “design” job and I hope you can influence as many people as possible.

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