Spiderman does it

Golf aficionados amongst you have now been hearing me extol Camilo Villegas for some time now, the healthiest “product” ever to come out of Medellin. He’s just won his first PGA title a few minutes ago. You’re going to hear a lot more about him in the majors next year. He’s extraordinarily fit, he’s young and talented, he’s willing to take risks, and he has an amazing touch on or near the green. And he’s great to watch.

You heard it here.

2 thoughts on “Spiderman does it”

  1. That’s right JP – just remind me that having noted your support and seen his US Open performance, I still didn’t get round to acting upon my decision to back him. And thereby missed odds of 33-1!

  2. John, he’s been closer to 100-1 for the most part; it’s only last week that he was backed down to 40s and 33s. Just to make you feel better :-)

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