The joys of the web part 97: Finding Fotheringay 2

I feel good. Very good. Now why would that be? You see, I’m easily pleased. It doesn’t take much for me to be happy. Sunshine. The sound birds make. Watching butterflies. Seeing a kitten asleep. Thunder and lightning. Torrential rain. The gurgle of a child’s laugh. Observing my wife and children.

Right now I’m pleased. But for none of those reasons. I’m pleased because I found out that there’s a new Fotheringay album out. Fotheringay 2 has been released recently, and I will be able to listen to it soon. Yes, I’m waiting eagerly to listen to music that was actually recorded nearly four decades ago. Their first album, Fotheringay, remains one of my all-time favourites.

Here’s a video of Gypsy Davey, to give you a feel for the band. I believe a studio version of the song is actually on the second album.

Finding out that there’s a new Fotheringay album is, for me, a bit like finding out that there really is a lost episode of Fawlty Towers. [Yes I’ve heard the rumours, seen the coverage, but never met anyone who’s actually seen The Robbers.]

One thought on “The joys of the web part 97: Finding Fotheringay 2”

  1. JP, thanks for this. Sandy Denny was a big favourite during my college days, with Fotheringay, Fairport and then solo. Great news.

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