I happened to look at the tabs I’d got open over the past few days, stuff I was gently drifting through, stuff I intend to complete reading/experiencing later. And I realised they were sufficiently eclectic to be worth sharing, in case some of you hadn’t come across them or were interested anyway. So here goes:

1. Malaria’s Achilles Heel: Details of a recent breakthrough in understanding how the parasite gets into red blood cells, and the discovery of a single receptor without which the parasite appears to be powerless. Early days, but there is now a real possibility that an effective vaccines emerge.

2. Crowd-curating: Continuing to track what is doing, something I’m very excited about. “A distributed, open source platform for the collaborative evaluation of documents”.

3. Matsutake dobin mushi: Ever since I experienced this dish a month or so ago, I’ve been mesmerised. Been trying to find out everything I can about it.

4. Unintended consequences of age-based privacy laws: danah boyd, John Palfrey, Eszter Hargittai and Jason Schultz looking into Facebook ToS and age constraints and COPPA

5. Preserving the lifesaving power of antimicrobial agents: James Hughes’ seminal paper on running out of antibiotics.

6. Keeping fit in 1919: An uproariously funny booklet issued in 1919, not intended to be funny at all, brought to life by the wonderful How To Be A Retronaut. Thank you Chris Wild.

7. Serge Storms: An excerpt from Tim Dorsey’s next book. Can’t wait.

8. Wolfgang’s Vault: The best live music downloads site in the world for retired hippies like me.



4 thoughts on “Smorgasbord”

  1. Re (4) – I’m convinced we’re going to have some sort of blow-up 5-10 years from now when most young adults exist as 2 otherwise identical digital entities with only a 1 or 2 year difference in age: meatspace age and facebook age. Which will prevail? Can you vote when you are 18 on Facebook? ;-)

  2. Sean, Gender is already heading towards becoming an attribute that forms no part of decision-making. Age may well follow that path.

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