Smorgasbord 2

Had a number of you ping me about my last post, when I shared the tabs I had open. So I thought I’d do it again:

1. Radiation levels in Fukushima lower than predicted. Couldn’t understand why this story didn’t receive more coverage. The levels being encountered seem remarkably low, so I wanted to look into it. I was in Japan last month, due there again next month. Love it.

2. Soccket To Me: I just love the idea of Soccket, decided I would spring for giving someone the energy-producing football. Amazing invention. Great video as well. Found via TED.

3. Sustainability, 21st century style: I’d heard that Patagonia were encouraging people to create a secondary market for their products rather than keep buying new. Now that’s a story I like. Someone at gave me a Patagonia garment, so I looked into it.

4. Trent Reznor on TuneCore: I’m not a big fan of Nine Inch Nails, some of their music is too noir for me. But I love Trent Reznor’s attitude to the industry. So I try and keep up with what he’s saying and doing. Their latest album is, as usual, downloadable for free.

5. Brit on the PlugBug: Friend Brit Morin launches a fascinating site, I love the PlugBug and the rickshaw. And Weduary will probably make a bang not just in the US, but also in places like India. I like seeing what friends are up to.

6. Evolutionary ecology of pungency in wild chillies: I have a real passion for capsaicin, so I tend to spend some time every week trying to understand more about it.


That’s it for now. Tell me if you like my doing this occasionally. Tell me to stop. All feedback useful.

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