The Friday Question: 4 May 2012: Bonus Question

Turned out that the question I set was too easy. So here’s a bonus. From which cult film is this still taken?:

10 thoughts on “The Friday Question: 4 May 2012: Bonus Question”

  1. Electraglide in Blue. Great film, saw it first at school film club (with downside that the art teacher told us how it ended as an introduction).

  2. Friday’s question series brings up a lecture by Pat Hanrahan, Oscar winner for Pixar’s RenderMan on solving Shrek drinking a glass of white milk.

    Pat had an inking of late 1800th century research for calculating white light, and another inkling the book was in the Stanford library archives. Digitizing the formule worked!

    Do we reach a point where we start mining old libraries for ‘forgotten’ knowledge.

    Flavor of PatH:

  3. If you squint – it looks like David Soul who played a homicidal motorcycle cop in Dirty Harry. I’ll check out Electraglide in Blue!

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