The Friday Question: 4 May 2012

It’s not that easy any more, finding questions that can’t be Googled or Tineyed or Shazammed. Getting harder by the day.

How can I be sure that a photograph hadn’t been indexed yet? Well, one way to be sure is to know the provenance of the object. Who took it. When and where. And where it has lain dormant since.

Here’s one such photograph. I took it. And it’s been uploaded nowhere. And I have removed most signs of things/people who could give you a hint as to who the person is. There is still a residual hint in that I have met this person. And he is someone I respect greatly. Greatly.

So who is he? Whom am I with here below, with the background excised? Usual rules, first to get it right gets into the annual league table.

8 thoughts on “The Friday Question: 4 May 2012”

  1. Yes, thanks Conor, Aaron did get there.
    Turned out to be far too easy. Will have to work harder on it.

  2. It was the picture of you that gave it away. I’d simply recognised it, instinct told me it was from that picture you had taken with Neil Young. And there was the same guy off your left shoulder and a helpful comment telling me who he was.

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